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  1. March 2024 FSA Board Meeting
    The March 2024 FSA Board meeting takes place today at 9.00am
  2. Around 6% of the UK adult population have a food allergy, new report from the Food Standards Agency finds
    Today we have published the Patterns and Prevalence of Adult Food Allergy (PAFA) report, a large study into the prevalence of food allergies in the adult population in the UK.
  3. Publication of consumer information on Ultra-processed food
    The Food Standards Agency has published consumer information in relation to the current science and evidence around ultra-processed food and the FSA’s role.
  4. FSA and FSS call for immediate action to address vet workforce challenges
    FSA Chief Executive Emily Miles gave evidence to the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) yesterday (12 March 2024) setting out the urgent need to address the shortage of vets and, together with FSS, highlighting the need for action to significantly improve recruitment and retention of Official Veterinarians across the UK.
  5. FSA’s flagship survey shows food affordability concerns have risen
    The latest wave of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Food and You 2 survey, conducted between April and July 2023, shows that respondents’ concerns over food affordability continued to rise to the highest level since the survey began. 
  6. Highlights from March 2024 FSA Board Meeting
    Discussions on regulated products reform and foodborne disease policy
  7. Consultation launched on proposed reforms to the regulated products authorisation process
    The Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) are seeking views on two proposed changes to the way we authorise regulated products. These changes will help us keep pace with innovation in the food industry, giving consumers a better choice of safe food.
  8. FSA successfully prosecutes abattoir for serious breaches of food safety
    An abattoir in Greater Manchester has been ordered to pay substantial fines after being convicted of eleven food safety charges.
  9. Food Standards Agency Report Shows Children's Menus Need Improvement
    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed the results of research undertaken in partnership with local councils, into children’s meals served in restaurants in Northern Ireland.
  10. Food Standards Agency confirms fish caught from Lough Neagh is safe to eat
    Testing finds fish from Lough Neagh safe to eat as the FSA lifts precautionary food safety advice for recreational anglers.